After years of training and racing, Jo Pavey came into her prime this summer at the age of 40. The British mother-of-two won the European 10,000m in August after a clinching bronze at the Commonwealth Games in July.

Running Feat's Amy Whitehead was pleased to finish 9th in yesterday's Commonwealth Games marathon.

Running may not be a team sport but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

By joining a running club, you can become part of a group effort while also seeing your individual performances soar.

Runners hate being injured – I should know, I haven’t been able to run since April with a thought-to-be-pulled-tendon, which is now a suspected stress fracture.

It’s the longest period I have had off running in years and I’ve gone through various emotions as outlined below (currently hovering between five and six and can’t wait for seven). But here’s what I’ve also learnt along the way…