We all know that running releases feel-good endorphins but there can still be some things about it that get on our wick. Double Olympic champion Mo Farah reveals in his autobiography, Twin Ambitions, that he experienced some 'runner's rage' one Christmas Day when a man pushing a buggy took up too much of the path he was trying to do hill reps on. So now Running Feat are going to blow off some steam with with ten things that make us mad about running...

The Pride 10k is organised by London Frontrunners and a team of volunteers at Victoria Park in Hackney, East London. As the name would suggest, it was founded to celebrate gay pride and, such has been its success, this year was its 10th anniversary. The selected charity for the 2013 race was Diversity Role Models, who provide workshops in schools to prevent homophobic and gender based bullying.

Olympian Louise Hazel surprised many when she announced earlier this year that she was retiring from international competition at the age of 27. The London-born champion heptathlete, who took gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, will now focus on a career as a personal trainer.

She wasn’t called ‘Sporty Spice’ in her girl band days for nothing and now Melanie Chisholm is living up to her nickname by taking part in the Great North Run. The singer, 39, is aiming to raise more money than former 400m runner Iwan Thomas at the half marathon (meanwhile he will be fundraising at the Great South Run).