Here are 10 top ways to improve your training and run your best race ever...

Running Feat's Lucy Waterlow interviewed girl band Little Mix (to the envy of her young nieces) as they launched their new fitness range for USA Pro.

The popstars spoke about their body image and revealed how they keep fit, with Jesy admitting she enjoys running and often takes her niece with her in a buggy.

Another London Marathon is upon us and if, like us, you're unable to take part, then the next best thing to experience the fantastic atmosphere is to go along and watch.

Anyone who has run the London Marathon will tell you the crowds are one of the things that make it so special. On certain sections of the course, you are hit by a wall of sound as people clap, cheer and shout words of encouragement. Such support can really help you carry on when the going gets tough.

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