LISS is the latest buzzword in the fitness industry and refers to how exercising exercising at a 'Low Intensity Steady State' can boost your health and fitness.

We have been running from a young age and have experience of club athletics all the way through to international level. Having been lucky enough to have worked with World Class coaches, medical teams and athletes, we love to share the knowledge we have gained and help other women get into the sport.

Now in its eighth year, Vertical Rush retains the record as the UK's tallest and toughest tower-running challenge, with 932 steps and 42 floors to conquer. 

Here's how I got on when I tackled the 600ft ascent along with Nell McAndrew...

Wearable technology has been all the rage in recent years with Fitbit being the brand of choice for many famous faces who want to track their activity with the gadget.

Popstar Britney Spears, actor Ryan Reynolds and even President Barack Obama have been seen sporting a Fitbit on their wrists, accelerating interest in the high tech pedometer.