Last November my husband and I were delighted to welcome a second daughter into our family.

My second pregnancy was one I was immensely grateful for and that I truly enjoyed. The miracle of growing a new life has never failed to astound me and it is a privilege I know I have been fortunate to experience.

It's nearly three weeks since the London Marathon and it is not uncommon for some athletes to feel 'post-marathon blues' after the initial high of finishing the race. As well as still feeling tired, some may be struggling with motivation after achieving a target that they had worked towards for so long.

Here are some tips to hopefully help you get your physical and mental running mojo back again ready for a new challenge...

So after all the miles, planning and goal setting, race day is almost here for those running the London Marathon on Sunday. No doubt, right now, many athletes are feeling a bundle of nerves mixed with excitement and just want to get on with the running!

Everyone has probably heard of carbo-loading and its benefits for marathon running but it can still be an art to get this right!

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