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On sale now! Beyond Impossible: From reluctant runner to Guinness World Record holder


Mimi Anderson is one incredible woman. After taking up running at the age of 36 as a stay-at-home mother-of-three simply because she wanted slimmer legs, she's become a multiple world record holder for her incredible running feats.

These include setting a world record for the fastest time run by a woman from John O'Groats to Land's End, winning the 6633 Arctic Ultra and doing the double at Badwater, Comrades and Sparthalon.

When I first interviewed Mimi a few years ago for an online article, I was captivated by her story and I was sure other runners would feel the same way. writing with mimi

I became her ghostwriter and we were delighted to be offered a book deal with Summersdale.

Completing the manuscript was another feat of endurance so it is wonderful to see the result - Beyond Impossible - on sale now in book shops, supermarkets and online.

beyond impossible coverMimi told me her greatest achievement to date was achieving the Guinness World Record for the fastest time run by a female across Great Britain in 2008 so we made this the central theme of the book, with flashbacks to Mimi's difficult childhood, battle with anorexia and discovery of running in her thirties.

There's plenty of drama as the world record attempt was beset with problems, from a police officer trying to make her take a longer route to Mimi battling on after becoming the victim of a hit and run. Not to mention the fact she had to run 840 miles for 12 consecutive days with barely any sleep.

Obviously, I am biased so I am going to tell you it's a brilliant, inspirational and gripping read, following Mimi across deserts, over mountains and through the Arctic. Find out more for yourself by buying the book!

There's a preview here if you'd like to read a sample.

Meanwhile, Mimi hasn't hung up her trainers. She's currently trying to enter the record books again by running more than 2,000 miles across America.

For more on this and to sponsor her, visit her website.

Beyond Impossible: From reluctant runner to Guinness World Record Breaker is on sale now, published by Summerdale, £9.99