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Runner's rage! Ten things about running that makes us mad


We all know that running releases feel-good endorphins but there can still be some things about it that get on our wick. Double Olympic champion Mo Farah reveals in his autobiography, Twin Ambitions, that he experienced some 'runner's rage' one Christmas Day when a man pushing a buggy took up too much of the path he was trying to do hill reps on. So now Running Feat are going to blow off some steam with with ten things that make us mad about running...

1. Path hoggers: Yes, like Mo, we find there is nothing worse that someone taking up the whole path we are trying to run along. Fair enough, sometimes pedestrians walking four abreast can't see you coming if you approach them from behind. But sometimes a group can clearly see you running towards them and still make no attempt to make room. No wonder Mo lost his temper!ID-100149498

2. People who start too near the front in a race: Unless you are an elite athlete capable of running a super quick time then there's no way you should be anywhere near the front of a major road race. And yet, everytime there will be slower runners edging their way further forward - and then slowing down the faster people who get stuck behind them. Why can't people line up according to their predicted pace? Many races now have signs up to tell you where to stand dependent on your finishing time to avoid confusion. Plus with chip timing, you will get an accurate race time so it doesn't matter if it takes you longer to cross the start after the gun goes. If you line up in front of people who are faster than you, it will be both disheartening for you when they overtake and annoying for them having to dodge round you. Plus you are likely to go off too fast if you start with people who are fitter than you. So a plea from Running Feat... know your pace and line up accordingly at the start!

3. XL T-shirts: Running burns calories so most athletes aren't on the large side. So why are XL T-shirts often handed out at the end of races? It's such a waste as it means most finishers will never be able to wear them.

4. Blue kit for boys, pink for girls: Why do sports brands want us to run in gender stereotypical clothing? Running gear for men is often dark shades or bold primary colours while women are always offered pastel colours - especially pink. It's not just Running Feat who are annoyed about this one, campaigns against it have been set up such as pinkstinks.org.uk

5. Yappy dogs that chase us: We love dogs but we hate owners who can't control them. Being chased by a dog while out running is both annoying and a hazard in case they trip us up - or even bite.

6. Being injured: Every runner hates being told they have to rest after getting injured. Six weeks isn't that long in the grand scheme of things but it can feel like an eternity when you're not allowed to train. It's even worse if injury strikes ahead of a race you've been targetting. But annoying as it is, don't run through the pain. Rest up, do rehab and come back stronger. Read Amy Whitehead's tips on returning from injury here

7. People who say running is bad for you: There are countless studies proving the benefits of running and how it's good for your heart, lungs and wellbeing. Runners live longer and are less likely to develop some forms of cancer. Yet there are still naysayers who complain it's bad for the knees and can cause arthritis. But studies have shown people who run actually have better mobility in later life. Yes you might get injured occasionally running by pulling a muscle or spraining an ankle but the benefits far out weigh the risks to your health from being a couch potato.

8. Those who think running is only about the marathon: Tell someone you're a runner and chances are they will ask, 'have you run a marathon?' If the answer is no, they often give the impression that doesn't make you a 'real' runner. And yet some of the best runners in the world such as David Rudisha and Kelly Holmes have never run a marathon. There are numerous distances runners can target aside from the marathon so don't feel like you have to cover 26.2miles to be a great and committed runner.

9. Racers who drop water bottles on the course: Water bottles on race courses are a common hazard that can cause injury. It's not helped by some racers who just drop their bottles at their feet after taking a sip, leaving them in the path of runners behind them. Use bins to chuck your bottle away if provided or throw them clear of the course for the safety of your fellow competitors.

10. People who think they're not good enough to join a club: There are those who can run marathons and speedy Parkruns but aren't members of running clubs. Why? Because they think they're not good enough. Rubbish! Running clubs are for all abilities and paces so give your local club a chance.

Image courtesy of artur84 at freedigitalphotos.net