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Book review: Run Fat B!tch Run


As the title suggests Run, Fat B!tch Run is not a book offering gentle encouragement on getting running. Author Ruth Field offers a no-nonsense, honest approach for those embarking on the sport for the first time.

run fat

She admits you might not enjoy it, that you may hate drinking water and that you might soon give up wondering 'what's the point?'

That's why she encourages you to embrace your 'inner b!tch' and get tough on yourself to get in shape. Hers is the 'Grit Doctor' and she used this kickass voice in her head to keep her motivated to run a marathon - even though she hated every step of training at first.

The Grit Doctor doesn't have time for excuses and can't abide laziness. And for Ruth, it worked. Now she admits she can enjoy running (or at least the benefits it brings) and that's why she wants to encourage others to run through her book. It was first published in 2012 but was released this year as an ebook and to include marathon training plans.

It's informative - but also hilarious - offering an entertaining read for anyone looking to take up running.

For more information on Ruth and the book, read Lucy's article for the MailOnline here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2533274/Youre-NOT-big-boned-youre-obese-Book-Run-Fat-B-tch-Run-says-stop-kidding-start-exercising.html