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Training Tips

Runners hate being injured – I should know, I haven’t been able to run since April with a thought-to-be-pulled-tendon, which is now a suspected stress fracture.

It’s the longest period I have had off running in years and I’ve gone through various emotions as outlined below (currently hovering between five and six and can’t wait for seven). But here’s what I’ve also learnt along the way…

How do you combine motherhood and marathon training?

As I'm often running 100-miles a week, whilst also running around after my five-year-old daughter, the above is a question that I am frequently asked. In honesty, I get a lot of help and support and could not possibly still be competing at elite level without the help I get from my family and close friends when it comes to babysitting (not to mention a fantastic coaching set up, physio and massage therapist whose expertise have helped me to combine training and parenting).

With three weeks to go to run a marathon,it's time to taper. Those tackling 26.2 miles for the first time might wonder exactly what is tapering and why is it so important? As panic over race day sets in, some runners may feel they should be cramming as much as they can into the last three weeks in a bid to get fit rather than doing less mileage.

If you think running is all about pounding the pavements or circling the track, then think again. You could improve your strength and endurance by taking part in cross county races.

Amy has had more than her fair share of injuries over the years so she's become adept at resuming training after a lay-off (and has learnt how to stay sane while injured!). Here she shares her top tips...

They say a dog is man’s best friend but he can also be your ideal running partner. Always full of enthusiasm and bounding with energy, their lust for exercise can rub off on you too. Your dog can help you keep motivated by ensuring you pull on your trainers on days you might not feel like it, after all, if you have to take your dog for a walk around the park, why not take them for a run instead?

If you’ve heard of a friend or colleagues’ running feat and thought, ‘I’d love to be able to do that but…’ then it’s time to stop the ‘buts’ and start putting your plans into action. There are lots of reasons why people may think they don’t have the time or motivation to run but many of these obstacles can be overcome with a little willpower, self-belief and forward planning. Here are some of the most common excuses people use to put off running and how to beat them…